Freedom for the Great Militant

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Arabic translation: 

Freedom for the great militant: Ahmed Suleiman Qatamesh


From the Palestine Who's Who site: 

Ahmed Suleiman Qatamesh - PFLP activist and writer from Ramallah. Held in administrative detention from Sept 92 for 5 years and 8 months, the longest single continuous (prison sentence) period Israel has used. Wrote 3 books in detention, on the nature of the occupation. Released on 15 Apr 98, after extensive Palestinian campaign.

In a subsequent interview, he opposed PFLP dialogue with Arafat and spoke of the crisis within the organization. After signing the "Call of the Homeland" petition in Nov 99, was arrested by PA forces and held for 3 weeks without charge. Was reported to have rejected the post of deputy Secretary-General at the July 2000 conference; has not taken on the high profile leadership role that many in PFLP expected him to take.