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The OSPAAAL in the upper left hand corner by the Cuban artist Faustino Perez may be viewed in detail here



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The Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery debuted its latest exhibition, “Printing Solidarity: Tricontinental Graphics from Cuba” on Dec. 1.

Visitors can now see “Printing Solidarity: Tricontinental Graphics from Cuba,” the latest exhibition on display at the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery. This exhibition features a plethora of printed images from the 1960s to the ‘70s by the Organization of Solidarity with the Peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America (OSPAAAL). The Zuccaire Gallery also provided a playlist for viewers to enjoy while walking through the exhibition and encourages all to visit this latest curation. 

The cultural organization of designers and artists founded in 1966 in Havana, Cuba features over 50 archival posters and magazines with strikingly colorful geometric designs. These posters offer viewers a look into the revolutionary aesthetics and agenda of the time.