Inverted Red Triangle

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Inverted Red Triangle

In early November 2023, the inverted red triangle emerged as a symbol that in certain cases can signify support for violent Palestinian resistance against Israel. It is used both offline and online, sometimes in the form of an emoji. The symbol first appeared in propaganda videos promoted by the al-Qassam brigades, the military wing of Hamas, which showed footage of Hamas terrorists attacking Israeli military targets. In these videos, Hamas would point out the target using the inverted red triangle. Though it can be used innocuously in general pro-Palestine social media posts, the inverted red triangle is now used to represent Hamas itself and glorify its use of violence in many popular anti-Zionist memes and political cartoons. For example, individuals will place the symbol over an image of Israeli soldiers or overlaid on a Star of David as a way to call for further violent resistance.


Curator's note: The above text, from the ADL's web site, is an attempt to define Palestine solidarity's use of an inverted red triangle - a component of the Palestinian national flag - as the product/brainchild of Hamas and a symbol not for solidarity with the Palestinian people but rather as a "call for further violent resistance".