Just Don't Say You Didn't Know

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Just don't say you didn't know

That is the message on this poster printed in Israel after 16 Palestinians whose names and ages are listed above, were killed by Israelis soldiers in the occupied West Bank between March 18 and May 6, 1982.

The poster was issued (originally) by the Israeli Committee in Solidarity With Bir Zeit, a Palestinian university frequently closed by Israeli authorities. Israel has militarily occupied the West Bank and Gaza since June 1967.

As a result, 1.5 million indigenous Palestinians who live there have no rights to vote; no right to due process of law; and no right to peacefully protest. They are subject to collective punishment, arbitrary arrest and imprisonment, torture, land confiscation and increasing military and settler violence.

Over 50% of the West Bank and Gaza has be expropriated by Israel and colonized by over 42, 000 Jewish settlers. The occupation and colonization, although violating every norm of international law, are made possible by U.S. taxpayers. Currently, U.S. aid to Israel averages approximately $12 million per day.

How long will you be silent?