Leve det Fria Palestina

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Swedish translation:

Long live free Palestine 




Analysis / Interpretation / Press

Artist's Statement:

On the Israeli flag there is a six-pointed star so I put several stars next to each other so they formed a kind of grid and put a liberation fighter who manages to break through.

It would symbolize a "mental" fence and my message was that whoever is attacked must be able to defend themselves and not have to accept being exposed to occupation.

The poster became very controversial because I used the national symbol of Israel. Now Israel has physically built that wall. The interesting thing is that when the poster is now shown at exhibitions, many people think it was made today.

The poster was part of Themptander's exhibition Thumb in the Eye, which commented on events in Sweden and the world. It wanted to reveal those in power's explanations for how society works.

The message was: Reassemble the lie so it becomes the truth.