Maccabees Will Rise Again

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The Manifesto

New Zionist Congress is made by the Jewish Youth for the Jewish Youth. We believe that Zionism is a constantly morphing ideology and as an organization we are working to come alongside young Zionists to help them develop New Zionist rhetoric for a more mature Israel. We aim to do this through 3 main objectives:

  1. Empower young people to create concrete change

  2. Educate young people on Jewish and Israeli History

  3. Embolden young people to be proud Jews and Zionists

In the spirit of our ancestors, we’re done with waiting, and we're resolved to take charge of our own destiny. In the name of every Jew who has lit a candle in the darkness, we are here to build a bonfire. This is what our elders have done in earlier, far more benighted times. It is now our turn to take a page from the ancient Maccabees and meet the darkness with abundant light. Welcome to the New Zionist Congress.