Molatham - Exhibit and Book

Analysis / Interpretation / Press

Molatham - an exhibit and book by Scott Caruth
A5, 28 pages, full colour digital printing throughout, saddle stitched, 2014

Produced alongside the exhibition of the same name at The New Glasgow Society in Glasgow, April 2014.

The booklet features an essay by Alex Kennedy of DAAT Press, as well as an interview and reproductions and photo's that were and weren't in the exhibition.
'The [Arabic] word 'Molatham' translates as 'to cover' and is used in Palestine to describe those resisting the Israeli occupation. This is rooted in the necessity for those doing so to remain anonymous by covering their faces.
It is only in the event of the death or imprisonment that it becomes safe for their faces to be shown publicly and their identity to be revealed. This is marked by the production of posters and murals commissioned by their political factions or local community, which then decorate the city walls.
This exhibition features collections of martyr and prisoner iconography made by a graphic designer based in Nablus who wishes to remain anonymous. All of the posters were designed between the outbreak of the second Intifada (2000) and now.
This exhibiion also contains a collection of reproduced studio portrait photographs found in family homes and businesses throughout the West Bank. Spanning from the 50's until now, the portraits range from hand painted to digitally manipulated photographs.