NYU Suspends Student for Removing Zionist Posters

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World Socialist

New York University suspends student for removing Zionist posters

Elliott Murtagh, Clara Weiss

10 December 2023

Amid the ongoing wave of right-wing attacks by university administrations on students opposing the US/Israeli genocide against Palestinians, a New York University (NYU) freshman has been suspended and her scholarship rescinded in retaliation for her removal of pro-Israel posters on campus.

The suspension is to last until the beginning of the Fall 2024 semester, and the student, Hafiza Khalique, has been barred from participating in any student organization events or activities. She is appealing the suspension while planning to continue her education elsewhere. Several other students are also threatened with suspension over expressions of support for the Palestinian people.

The news about the suspension of Khalique broke just days before the president of the University of Pennsylvania was forced to resign as a result of a fascistic witch hunt, spearheaded by wealthy donors to the university and far-right Republicans, but with the support of the Biden White House and Democratic politicians. It is part and parcel of a state-led campaign that involves the military and intelligence agencies and is aimed at silencing the overwhelming opposition to the mass murder of civilians in Gaza among workers and young people.

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