One Thing Leads To Another

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JVP and AMP are frequent partners in organizing Palestine solidarity campaigns as well as hosting educational events which bring to light for primarily American audiences the horrors of the occupation and the complicity of the US government.

The same posters have been reported in Los Angeles and the Bay Area in California, as well as New York’s Upper West Side and Financial District.

The posters, which feature photos of both Bazian and Vilkomerson, make the specious claim that AMP is “a violent movement that is deeply rooted in the ideology of terrorist organizations such as Hamas,” and thus, JVP’s support for AMP is akin to its supporting terrorism.


While the origin of the flyers remains unknown, the language and depiction of AMP, JVP and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) as outright supporters of terrorism does appear to match that of posters created by the David Horowitz Freedom Center and found on multiple university campuses earlier this week.

The far-right, red-baiting and virulently Islamophobic Freedom Center features three such posters on a website under its management called Stop the Jew Hatred on Campus.