Palestinian Affairs Magazine - شؤون الفلسطينية

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Palestinian Affairs (Shu'un Filastinyya) is a quarterly magazine issued by the PLO's Palestine Research Center (PRC). The magazine publishes articles (in Arabic) related to Palestinian politics, culture, economics, international relations, and other subjects. Issues 1 (1971) through 135-136 (March-April 1983) were published in Beirut. The publication moved to Nicosia, Cyprus after a car bomb attack on the Center in February 1983, which killed eight staff members. It resumed publication in the summer of 1985. Publication stopped with Issue 244-245 (July-August 1993) for financial reasons, but resumed again in Ramallah in November 2011. The long-time director of the PRC was Sabri Jiryis and editors of Shu'un Filastiniyya included Anis Sayyigh and Mahmoud Darwish, and others involved included Faisal Hourani, Bilal al-Hassan, and Mahmoud al-Khatib. The General Union of Palestinian Plastic Artists consulted on the selections of the cover art from the 1980s onward.


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