Palestinian Militants

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From the In Search of Lost Causes catalog:

23. A poster to express solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners. We see a number of quite prominent pro-Palestinian posters in this collection, a clear sign of the centrality of the Palestinian cause to the Iranian revolutionary project in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Almost all these posters are by militant Marxist organizations, a fact that was later categorically appropriated by the militant Islamists for their own post-revolutionary political purposes. This is not to suggest that militant Islamists were not pro-Palestinians. They were. All revolutionary forces were decidedly and purposefully pro-Palestinian. But in the aftermath of the murderous crackdown of militant Marxists by the victorious Islamists, these posters have become a critical historical evidence. 



Thanks to Carlos Steward for faciltating this Special Collection   ______________________   A version of this poster in French may be viewed here