Protest For Palestine

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In a video posted to the group’s Instagram story, it appeared faculty was taking down the groups previous banners, but it remained unclear their stance on the protest poster.

Chief Communications Officer, Jeffrey D. Cook told that the university ‘rejects the glorification of war or celebration of death.’

‘In recent social media posts, a student group here at the university expressed support for recent attacks against Israel,’ he said.

‘For many, those posts — and an event the group is planning for this afternoon — are deeply offensive in light of the loss of life and unspeakable violence during this conflict.

‘We reject any glorification of war or celebration of death, and we acknowledge the pain caused by speech that does.’

Cook went on to note that while the university works to foster an ‘environment of mutual respect and civility,’ they ‘have a constitutional and educational responsibility to uphold freedom of expression — even for ideas and opinions that many find objectionable or abhorrent.’