Remain the Symbol

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Arabic translation:

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You will remain the symbol of this nation (Hafez al Assad)

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A gift of Fateh Revolution to the leader of Arab resolution


Curator's note: This poster was not published by Al 'Asifah, the armed branch of Fatah, the Palestinian National Liberation Movement, headed by Yasser Arafat but rather by a splinter group called the March of Correction that used the original Al 'Asifah logo:

Since the 1970s, the movement has known several splits of varying importance.
In 1974, the movement's official in Iraq, Sabri al-Banna (Abu Nidal), defected, founding the Fatah Movement/Revolutionary Council.
In 1980, a number of the movement's members defected under the leadership of Abdul Karim Hamdi (Abu Saed), the founders of the Fatah Movement/March of Correction.
In May 1983, less than a year after the PLO forces left Beirut, a group of leaders with Syrian support defected, the Fatah Foundation - Intifada. Among the most important defectors were the deputy commander of the Asif forces, Abu Saleh, and Colonel Abu Musa and Abu Khaled al-Amlah. This split led to the outbreak of several battles in the Bekaa Valley, Tripoli and the camps that lasted for several years, in which Palestinian and Lebanese factions and the Syrian army participated.

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