From the Sea to the River

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All the land is ours 

From the sea to the river



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Sheldon Adelson and his family are the largest contributors to JNS.[4][5][6] By 2015, the Adelson Family Foundation had contributed over $1.2 million: $300 thousand in 2013 (65% of JNS revenue that year), $450k in 2014, and commitment to another $450k in 2015.[4][7]

In 2015, Adam Milstein donated $12,500.[8]

In 2013, Pergament said that JNS had around 40 subscribers, that around a quarter of them used its free year-long "trial period", and that the rest paid from $400–700 per month.[9] At that time, Pergament said that some papers paid JNS in advertising space instead of in cash.[9] In 2015, Pergament said that between 40 and 55 newspapers subscribed to the JNS syndication service. Of those, around a third used the "trial period" by which they could use JNS articles for free for up to a year, while the rest paid as much as $500 per month. This rate was much cheaper than the Jewish Telegraphic Agency syndication rate for newspapers.[4]

In 2015, The Forward described JNS as focusing heavily on Israeli security threats. Frequent columnists Ben Cohen and Stephen M. Flatow wrote often against the Iran Nuclear Deal and the Obama administration more generally, and the JNS board included Middle East Forum president and pro-Israel hawk Daniel Pipes and neoconservative Harvard professor Ruth Wisse.[4]