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George Washington University- Dec 1, 2002



Forward By Arno Rosenfeld December 1, 2022 George Washington University is pursuing disciplinary charges against the campus chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, and its president, following an October protest, according to a nonprofit representing the student. That nonprofit, Palestine Legal, said that the university will hold two hearings Friday to determine whether Lance Lokas, a sophomore, and the club he leads violated the school’s policy against property destruction for placing posters critical of Israel and Zionism around campus, including outside the Hillel building. Dylan Saba, an attorney for Palestine Legal, said that Lokas and club members followed all university rules and placed posters on public lampposts in accordance with Washington, D.C., law, which allows temporary posters so long as they aren’t advertising goods or services. “Students, like any D.C. resident, have free expression rights,” Saba said.