Shattered the Fascist Tanks

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

Arabic translation:

Glory to the militants who shattered the fascist tanks in the (military command) units


Curator's Note: According to Dr. Charles Tripp and Dr. Abdel Razzak Takriti my orginal interpretation of this poster as relating to the battle of al Karameh was incorrect. They pointed out that this poster is more accurately interpreted as relating to Black September and the "battle of the camps" fought between the forces of King Hussein of Jordan and the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1970-1971. (Not to be confused with the later "War of the Camps" in Lebanon) The use of the term "fascist" in the poster, a term reserved exclusively for King Hussein's regime in the context of the PLO-Jordanian conflict, validates their interpretation. They are absolutely correct. I thank them for their scholarship. DJW