Tautoko Gaza

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Support Gaza


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On Tuesday 7 November, 2023, a group of Aotearoa artists united to release TAUTOKO GAZA, a compilation of new and/or unreleased tracks to stand in solidarity with Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

The artists on this compilation are horrified by the current situation in Palestine and the recent escalation of violence by the Israeli state. The genocidal blockade and repeated airstrikes have resulted in mass loss of civilian life on an unprecedented scale. These atrocities form part of a long legacy of forced displacement, which began under British imperialism and has continued under the Israeli apartheid regime since 1948.

We stand in solidarity with the struggle for Palestinian liberation and join the calls for an immediate ceasefire and end to the illegal military occupation. There is absolutely no justification for the brutal crimes and genocide being carried out against the Palestinian people.

Available exclusively as a digital release via Bandcamp, all funds raised from the compilation will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), an NGO working to support growing critical health needs resulting from Israel's ongoing bombardment and complete siege on Gaza.