West Bank Annexation Plans

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Curator's note:

The above poster is a remix of an original 1980 poster which may be viewed here


The graphic depicts a fantastically armed and armored Israeli tank rumbling across hills in the Occupied Territories and leaving in its tracks a continuous belt of new Israeli settlements, which Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin (1977-1982) called “creating facts on the ground.”

The metaphor is clear and direct: the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and new Israeli settlements go hand-in-hand. Moshe Dayan, Begin’s outspoken Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories were essential:

"...not because they can ensure security better than the army, but because without them we cannot keep the army in those territories. Without them the IDF would be a foreign army ruling a foreign population."

Source: "Settlements and the Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations"

Institute for Palestine Studies