Ya Basta! - Intifada!

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Curator's note: This image is not, strictly speaking, a poster. It is a stencil. However, the parallels and similarities that stencils share with posters renders them, in my opinion, sufficiently similar to justify their inclusion at this site. Stencils are an extension of the poster, in effect, and derive both their content and context directly from the tradition of the modern graphic poster. Stencils, like posters, are posted publicly, often right next to or right over posters. They also use an ink-like vehicle, paint, to construct the image/message. The stencil form is usually paper or cardboard, the same material used to print posters. Moreover, many of the artists who create stencils also create posters, even to the point that the same image is available as both a poster and a stencil. DJW

A poster version of this image may be viewed here.