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Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies Statement:

The Tasamuh Annual Exhibition

Tasamuh (Arabic: tolerance)

The Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies (RCHRS) holds the Tasamuh Exhibition on the occasion of the International Day for Tolerance, the 16th of November. This exhibit aims at presenting a series of social and human themes and at developing awareness of them in Palestinian society.

The Tasamuh exhibition aims to establish a link between the individual and his or her society, and covers a variety of personal stories. We consider this exhibition an important artistic and social endeavor because it promotes thoughts and ideas by transforming them from written words to interactive and memorable visual images. The exhibition also opens wider creative horizons for young artists. Furthermore, the works combine innovation and the reality of everyday life with critical thinking and creativity, an intellectual and ethical achievement.

The thoughts and attitudes of young artists are heading in a positive direction. The exhibited works show signs of true hope for our vision for the future. It is worth mentioning here, that some participating artists are either recent graduates or current students at fine arts colleges. This public exhibition is a first step towards the positive activation of their ability to express themselves, which is clearly visible in their art.

The exhibited works are diverse and range between abstraction and concrete imagery. The artists are aware of their artistic targets and they maintained their design parameters in spite of the human connotation of the exhibit.

There is a need for focusing on artistic experiences such as this exhibition which aims at raising community awareness and participation as well as promoting art, a responsibility to be shared between institutions and artists alike.

Curator's note: Bashar Al Horoub is the curator of The Tasamuh Annual Exhibition